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Everything You Need to Know

Is it exclusive?  Yes.  Any cover you see here has been produced from our own photography/artwork.  When you buy a cover it will be removed from sale, however we reserve the right to display your cover (as sold) on our website and on social media.  Just think of it as a free Ad!

Stock images?  Our pre-mades don't use stock images.

Ebooks cover sizes  The covers shown here are sized at height= 1.5x width, thiscorresponds with one of the most common paperback sizes of 9"x6", a ratio that has also now been widely accepted as standard in ebooks.  However there are some ebook providers that may use a slightly different format (either fatter or taller) that may result in your cover looking squashed or stretched out.  Also ebook requirements can change with the introduction of new technology, so it's best to check your chosen outlet's specifications.  Let us know what image dimensions you need and we'll check if the cover you want can be tweaked or re-sized to fit.  There is a small charge for this.  NOTE: if your cover requirements are very different from the 9x6" model it may not be possible to re-size the image.

Dpi/MB  All our images are created at 300dpi (dots per inch), which is a requirement for a printed image so you should be able to use our images in a printed format with no trouble.  File sizes however vary according to the amount of information in the image.  As ebook providers usually have a maximum file size for cover images we cannot guarantee the image, as provided, will fall within this size (MB) requirement.  You can either re-size (down-res) the image yourself (in Photoshop or similar) or, if you are unable to do this, we will provide a second copy of your image down-res'ed to within your given MB range for a minimal charge (see table below).

Paperback?   If you're going the paperback route you will need a print quality image which is 300dpi.  All images supplied by us are 300ppi jpg images which satisfies this.  However,paperbacks have the requirement of 'bleed' (a bit extra allowed around the edges for trimming) which isn't necessary for an ebook cover.  Please look at your chosen image carefully with regard to this - if you want anything moved in from the edges or if your paperback is other than 9"x6" and needs re-sizing, this will be priced the same as re-sizing an ebook cover.  Please see the Pricing table below. 

Wraparound?  If you would like us to provide a full wrap-around cover (spine & back inclusive) to make sure the fonts/style remain the same all the way around we would need the same information your printer will be asking, ie; the intended size & page-count of your book.  It is not possible to create a properly sized wrap-around without a page count.  Obviously we would also require the text you want on the back!  We can provide a mock-up draft of your wraparound cover in advance of your printing date if you want to think about your final wording a bit longer.

Nearly but not quite...?  If you see a cover that almost fits your idea it's worth getting in touch with us to see if it could be reworked to suit.  Any of the fonts shown on our covers can be swapped without additional charge (if you like one cover but prefer the font on another), however changes to the artwork will incur a charge. 

Haven't settled on your final title?  If you see a cover you want but think you might change the title of your work before it's published, you can purchase the cover now and we will hold on to it (for a reasonable time - not years and years!) until you are ready.  NOTE: we will only send the finished cover to the same email address as the original purchase.

Fonts   Any of the fonts shown can be used on any of our covers, so if we've used a romantic font on a cover you would like for a different purpose it's easy to change it.  If you're not sure what you need, have a look at other books in your chosen genre and see what sort of fonts they use.  There should be one of ours that's similar.  If you have found a font you absolutely must have and we haven't got it we can certainly look into it, however there may be a cost involved in acquiring it - good fonts cost! - and we would require payment of this prior to our purchasing the font. 

Text Effects  If there is a text effect shown on our pre-made cover (shadow, outline, glow, etc) that effect is included in the price for that cover.  If you want that effect on another cover that doesn't have it shown please see the pricing table below.  There is no charge for removing a text effect if the cover you want has an effect you don't like.

Purchasing the Art  In most cases it is possible for you to purchase the artwork of the cover, without the overlaying text, as a signed .jpg to use in your promotions (or even to hang on your wall!), however this will only cover the image as shown on the cover and is only available if you are buying (or have bought) the full cover .  If you buy a cover and decide later that you want the textless artwork too we will do our best to accomodate you, however for reasons of security we will only forward the artwork to the same email address as the cover.  NB in the case of SPECIAL covers, the original art (which is generally on a larger scale than for other covers) may be included as a part of that offer, in which case the art offered will be in accordance with that offer and not subject to the stipulations laid out in this paragraph.  

File formats  All artwork/covers are supplied as .jpg only.  Work files (.psd) will not be supplied.


Price for cover as shown with text only changed to your name & title

as shown with image

Text effects not displayed on cover (outline, shadow, texture, skew, etc)
NB: to substitute a front from another cover (no effects): no charge


Minor changes to image (lighten or darken a little, change background colour where possible, etc)
For major changes to the art PLEASE ASK

on asking

Changes to image size ratio (different ebook formats or front-only paperback requirements)
Supply additional reduced file-size image (you still get the standard size too)


Wrap-around mock-up (if you aren't quite ready yet)  only available if cover has been purchased

cover price + 25

Purchase textless, signed artwork from your cover with reference beginning 'A'
Purchase textless, signed artwork from your cover with reference beginning 'B'
(NB: purchase of art from covers with 'BA' references is not available)
Purchase textless artwork from your cover with reference beginning 'C'

Artwork offered against any SPECIAL cover is available in accordance with that offer only




How to buy a Cover It's easy. Just email Teri's Covers with the reference number and title of the cover you want, your author name (and any other text, if any) to go on the cover, and we will respond with confirmation of the cost and details of how to pay. Please make sure you let us know at this time if you have any extra requirements (such as a reduced MB sized file as well as the standard one). If you require any changes we will confirm these and their cost to you before commencing any work. Work will be commenced when we have received your payment, not before. For 'as shown' covers and minor changes, we would hope to turn-around in 1-5 days from payment. More complicated requirements obviously may need more time to complete. If you have a requirement involving major changes, or have any other query regarding our capabilities and services, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Payments: A payment link will be provided in the confirmation email. You can use Paypal or a credit card.


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