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Apr 20 2014 -   We've added a new section to the site - Teri's Covers!  Honestly, she has too many ideas for us to use here, but it would be a crime to waste them.  So please have a look through the selection offered.  Maybe you'll find just the image you've been looking for...or maybe you'll be inspired to write the novel that's been at the back of your mind for ages!  A variety of genres are catered for and prices start from just 10 for the simple photographic covers, so hopefully we have something for all budgets.  Happy reading!  (cheep!)

Jan 5 2014 -  Lee has been busy with our new title EX TEMPORA - the first part of this, titled TRAVIS, is available now as an ebook via Amazon and part two (SENTIAN) is in preparation.  EX TEMPORA takes us to Paris where we find Mitchell trying (not very successfully!) to make it as an artist.  Maybe he'd have better luck just 'making it' with the gorgeous Travis...? (cheep!)

Jan 1 2014 -  His Lordship's Fancy: The Golden Boy has been revised into one ebook (it was originally 2) in advance of our plans to add paperback editions later this year (hopefully not too much later!).   (cheep!)

July 3 2013 - OK!  The light (short!) novel Ghostwriter just got uploaded to Amazon KDP!  Ghostwriter is written by Lee and illustrated by Teri   (cheep!)

The Dangers of Tweeting Out of Doors

March 13 2013 - Winter is having it's final fling with snow going by horizontally here (it's just passing through!) and WG is gearing up for a productive year - I hope!. (cheep!)

Seasons 2: Fat Birdies

February 22 2013 - I've been fluttering around ages trying to get this site in some sort of order.  I had to learn some html so it took awhile.  I hope you like the results.  (cheep!)


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