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This cover would be ideally suited for your thrilling action series and is available either as a single purchase or multiply.  A multiple purchase offers a saving per cover (see pricing below).  If you require more than the three variations shown here it would be possible to supply further variations on the background colour.

As the background of this cover is predominantly colour/texture it would be possible to include a simple graphic (eg; a semi-transparent silhouette of your main character or perhaps a weapon or other object) to really make your cover your own. 

If you purchase just one version of this cover but at a later date decide you want to turn your one book into a series the other variations will still be available (we will keep the files) although they will not be visible on the website, however this will be considered a separate purchase (pricing would start from 1 off again).


premade cover image


premade cover image


premade cover image



for 1 cover:


for 2 covers:


for 3 covers:


for each cover thereafter:


to add silhouette image behind title - price per image:


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